Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1, is this for real?

4:15a at O'Hare, way too early for me!

So we are off. After what charles kindly referred to as the most uncomfortable airplane of his life  (not shocking for $136 ticket) we have arrived in bogota.  Our flight departed Ohare  at 5:30a but we had landed by 1p CST,  which was shocking to me, who knew bogota was only a 3.5 hour flight from Ft. Lauderdale? Amazing for those who want to get very far very quickly (and when your knees are jamming against the seat in front of you).

So what does it feel like to know you are officially unemployed and out of the country for almost a year? It feels kind of like the start of a little vacation. Like a little vacation as in we are coming back in a week or two.  It feels nothing like the dream come true that it is. I should be jumping up and down and rejoicing my year of mid-life retirement. Maybe that will hit me tomorrow...for now it all seems very surreal.

Before closing up for the night- everyone will be pleased to know what we had for dinner our first night- maybe our fears of no Mexican food will at least wait until after Colombia (this is me gazing admiringly at my vegetarian burrito, not me with my eyes closed:)).

Another important first for Colombia, my first beer.  In Charles's words "It tastes like beer!".

Off to Santa Marta tomorrow. More to come!


  1. More uncomfortable than Yeti Air?

    So excited for you guys!!!

  2. Wow! Off to an amazing start! I'm impressed. Kate can better keep it coming. I'm hooked!I'll email soon. So that you get to hear from me after you are cut off from the world for awhile. Have fun in the sun!

  3. Hey guys! This is so awesome that you are on an adventure of a lifetime and we all get to share it with you! Thanks. And just so that you know that you guys are not the only ones to travel and be adventurous( to speak), I traveled to Meijer (woohoo) and bought Tikki Marsala (in the Indian section) and am going to make Rich dinner! LOL Hope it turns out as good as some of the food you guys are eating...???