Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Charles' Thoughts on the End of Our Year Long Journey

The thoughts and memories of this past year that are flying by in my mind right now are completely incomprehensible but utterly lucid. It’s hard to put words to the feeling that is in the pit of my gut. In some ways it is similar to all the other plane rides home I’ve taken after traveling internationally: the anticipation of getting home; the slight annoyance of having to head back; the sorrow of a trip past; and the excitement of getting back into things. However, this time, there’s a whole other layer of complexity added on top: the amazement of everything we’ve seen over the past year; the comfort of a journey well completed; a warmth of contentment and a layer of inconceivability that whispers, “did that REALLY just happen?!”

Yes. It did. All of it. The 17 countries, the 340 days and counting of traveling, the 65 passport stamps, the 57 flights, the 167 different beds we’ve slept in and the everlasting memories of this past year.

Seeing a lioness 10 feet away in the Serengeti. The long walks on the beach in Palimino, Colombia. The quiet moments with Kate. The mountain pass on the Santa Cruz hike. The long desolate stretch of Peruvian highway. The overturned bus in India. The monks chanting in Chaing Mai. The late night food markets. The friends met along the way. The uncertainity of a new land. The agony of learning to drive a stick in South Africa. The wading through the Milford trail. The Bariloche Bonus Day. The millions of smiles from kids around the world. The awkward exchanges with a local when neither one knows the other language. The sunsets. The happy hours. The long dinners and slow lunches. The early morning flights and the late night bus rides.

Yes. It did. All of it. And more.

I remember at the beginning of the trip, I purposefully shied away from using superrlatives when describing things because I didn't want to have them lose meaning. I wanted “amazing” to be “amazing” and not some poor cousin of “amazing” that had lost meaning because the word had been used to oblivion.

At this point, I don’t have that worry any more. This past year was amazing. In every way possible.

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