Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kate's Thoughts As We Return Home

I don't think the gravity of what is happening(going home) has truly set in, but then again, I'm not sure it will til we are back in Colorado.

I never knew for sure how I would feel about this day. And even as I write, I find it hard to articulate. It has been an absolutely incredible journey. Both in seeing the world and in my relationship with my now one year husband. 
It has flown by overall, but at times has moved slowly. I am more conscious of my reactions and even if I still struggle to choose the ones I want to, I think I am getting closer and recognize it will be a continual focus throughout life rather than something you learn and then walla it's easy. 

Most of all I am thankful to have found such an amazing man to share this crazy adventure with and couldn't feel more confident that he is the best man for me. At this point he knows me better than I sometimes know myself and that is pretty crazy. 

For me, my favorite parts of the trip were the times and conversations shared with him and others where we had the time to step out of day-to-day life and appreciate something extraordinary, even sometimes the ordinary things. 

A beautiful sunset, a glass of wine, a perfectly sunny day, a great meal, a long walk, conversations with others about the power if travel, feeling let inside of a different cultural world, a great pillow, finding good cheese, sleeping in, so many things. 

This year I felt more invigorated by conversations and life and the world than I can ever remember feeling. It was amazing to share this with Charles, but there were also some incredible moments where I realized I was sharing these moments or conversations with people from around the globe, who maybe we had just met, we had known for a few days, or had come half way around the globe to see us.  

I keep saying it, but seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, appreciating the simple things- this has been the most powerful part and the part I most want to ensure we take with us as we continue. 

I am excited about the next few weeks as we slowly make our journey back to CO but I am most excited about getting back to CO and settling into our home and really making it our home.

Editor's Note: Kate and I took 20 minutes to write down the thoughts that were going through our heads as we took off from Buenos Aires to return to America after traveling for the past 11 months around the world. We've tried not to edit them too much after the fact. What you see is what we were thinking. 

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