Kate & Charles

Perhaps you know us and you don't need to read this bit - in which case, go back to work and stop procrastinating on writing that TPS report.

Or maybe you met us briefly and decided to look us up on the intrawebs. (If that's the case, don't be fooled, this whole "online presence" thing is something very new for both of us. We'd like to believe we're way better in person.)

Or maybe you just stumbled upon this little blog and you're curious enough to learn more about some random people who recently got married but still feel like the words "husband and wife" sounds way too grown up and awkward.

Regardless welcome.

We'll spare you the pleasantries of giving you our life story, and instead allow you to do a little word association. So, in no particular order, here are some things we enjoy. We'll leave it up to you to decide if it's an either/or/both type scenario - except for the black olives. Kate hates black olives:

Laughing - if you don't like this please stop reading; Exploring - life, the world, whatever is around the next corner; Mountains - it's the reason why we both moved to Colorado and makes us certain we will return; Bluegrass - Kate bobs her head and smiles, Charles just jumps up and down and DANCES; Hiking - cause walking is so much better; Beaches - chasing summer never seemed so good; Yoga - Kate is a much better person when this happens; Red Wines - big, bold ones; Whiskey - Maker's Mark is a shared favorite; Cheese - Have you met Kate?; Questions - Kate seriously is the best at this; Pizza (and Mexican) - Charles could eat this for the next year and not be sad; Friends - nothing but love; Family - ditto; Skiing - a bluebird powder day may be the pinnacle of all days; Black Olives - see above; Mac & Cheese - the primary dish at our wedding; Beer - Hoppy & delicious; New experiences - let's see where the world takes us.

We are lucky enough to have friends who have helped provide a great deal of inspiration, guidance, and wisdom to help give us the courage to make the leap- special thanks to our two favorite Boulder couples in whose footsteps we follow and all those along the way who have provided ideas and encouragement. 

And off we go...

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