Along our way, we're fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of reading, listening and observing. Following are a few inspirations that we've found along the way.

Some of the thoughts or images expressed here are central to our insights and experiences; others are no more than just whimsical thoughts and ideas.

Regardless, they for some reason stuck a cord with us so we thought to share them with you.

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."
 TS Eliot

"What I miss most is somewhere between quiet and solitude. What I miss most is stillness."
Christopher Thomas Knight

"Learning to travel when you’re older allows you to be young again, to touch the childlike amazement that is so often dulled away by adult things. In the past year, I have seen more of the world than at any point before, and thus, I have been filled with that juvenile feeling more times then I can count—at a train station in Strasbourg, in an old Parisian bookstore, on a wide avenue in Lawndale." 
- Ta-Nehisi Coates, "Acting French"
 “The great stillness in these landscapes that once made me restless seeps into me day by day, and with it the unreasonable feeling that I have found what I was searching for without ever having discovered what it was.”
- Peter Matthiessen, "The Tree Where Man Was Born"  
“For the first time, it seemed clear to me that travel is not about finding something; it’s about getting lost. That is, it is about losing yourself in a place and a moment. The little things that tether you to what’s familiar are gone, and you become a conduit through which the sensations of the place is felt. It’s nice to see the significant centers of civilization, the important buildings, the monumental landscapes, but what seems most extraordinary is feeling yourself lifted out of your ordinary life into something new.”
- Susan Orlean, “A Lonely Heart in Bhutan,” Best American Travel Writing 2007

“When someone is searching,” said Siddhartha, “then it might easily happen that the only thing his eyes still see is that what he searches for, that he is unable to find anything, to let anything enter is mind, because he always thinks of nothing but the objective of his search, because he has a goal, because he is obsessed by the goal. Searching means: having a goal. But finding means: being free, being open, having no goal. You, oh venerable one, are perhaps indeed a searcher, because, striving for your goal, there are many things you don’t see, which are directly in front of your eyes.”
– Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

“A major part of genius is simplicity.”

 – Jim Fannin

"Find your fit in life. People who are happiest in life fit day to day. Don't stop until you find that." 
- David Kelley, IDEO Co-Founder

"Finite players players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries." 
James Carse, Finite and Infinite Games

"In Flow, people live so deeply in the moment, and feel so utterly in control, that their sense of time, place and even self melts away."
-  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
 "He was still too young to know that the heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past."
Gabriel García Márquez,  Love in a Time of Cholera 

I think anyone who has traveled extensively would agree that while it is often the perceived differences that drive them initially, eventually it is the commonality that crosses cultures and continents that truly intrigues them.

-Micah Hanson
I didn’t need much money; I just needed to live, to experience, to grow. There are of course many ways to do this and having an interesting and engaging life does not necessitate travel, but for me at this particular time I knew my route to this goal would be through seeing and experiencing the world.

- Micah Hanson
I feel the feeling
I forgot swimming weightless in the womb
Bouncing gently round the room
In a minute I'll be free
And we'll be splashing in the sea
I feel no curiosity
I see the path ahead of me
In a minute I'll be free
And we'll be splashing in the sea
We hear a tiny cry
As the ship goes sliding by
- Trey Anastasio
America is the spirit of human exploration distilled. 
- Elon Musk
The only way to understand our own time is to step out and then back in.
- Stephan Marche
A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. 
- Tao Te Cring 
Happiness ensues as the result of living a life of meaning and purpose.
- Victor Frankl 
The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. 
- Albert Camus
I'm not scared of much here anymore,
wait, friends, that was a lie.
'Cause I'm scared to death of losing you,
to be alone, high and dry.
And the stars at night,
why do they make you cry?
Don't you think that I'll be coming home?
And I know you worry,
about time and money,
but don't you know those things, they come and go?
- Trampled By Turtles
There are periods in which all places and people seem to be in a conspiracy to impress us with their individuality, - in which every ordinary locality seems to assume a special significance and to claim a particular notice, - in which every person we meet is either an old acquaintance or a character; days in which the strangest coincidences are continually happening, so that they get to be the rule, and not the exception.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Finding Oliver, The Atlantic Weekly, Dec 1862

If every journey makes us wiser about the world, it also returns us to a sort of childhood. In alien parts, we speak more simply, in our own or some other language, move more freely, unencumbered by the histories that we carry around at home, and look more excitedly, with eyes of wonder. 
Pico Iyer 
Video Night in Kathmandu

"Stuckness shouldn't be avoided. It's the psychic predecessor of all real understanding." 
Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

"Stay hungry; stay foolish." 
Steve Jobs

"I want to live happily in a world I don't understand."
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"The idea of exploration and discovery was being replaced with comfort and familiarity. It was becoming impossible to get lost, which is where the imagination thrives." 
David Giffels
Taj Mahal 

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